Vulnerability Assessment Programs

A Strategic Approach to Assessing

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Vulnerability & penetration testing has long been identified with a

mandated once-a-year approach.  The shelf life on this bill-of-goods

has long since expired and it time to adopt a new assessment


Vulnerability assessing and penetration testing has been misunderstood and drastically under utilized for years.

Executives need to be able to show a reduction of risk and value for the money.  The value proposition is an important piece to this puzzle.  For years, assessment programs would not tie ongoing mitigation improvements into the reporting, thus, leaving the value proposition on the floor.  What organizations really need is to understand the true nature of their organizations vulnerability and risk status and then take steps to mitigate those gaps – and A2N’s assessment program does just that!

Why The A2N Approach:

  • Compliance objectives are easier to achieve and maintain.
  • By understanding your vulnerability risk you know how to best apply your IT security budget.
  • Allows for vulnerability mitigation tracking so you can see, over time, how your companies risk objectives are performing.
  • In-depth and insightful reporting makes it easier for executives to get involved with a vulnerability strategy.
  • Your IT team can focus on it’s real objectives – keeping your work force functioning and your data safe.
  • Most importantly, you are constantly reducing your risk impact against your business which means brand security and cost recognition. Assessment_03

We Provide:

  • In-depth quarterly assessments
  • Annual penetration testing
  • Detailed customized reporting
  • Assessor recommendations and remediation strategies
  • Ongoing historical assessment tracking and vulnerability management
  • Unlimited, customer initiated, scanning.  (If you change your web site, web applications, architecture, security policy or add a new server prior to your quarterly scan you now have the ability to double check your standing and plan accordingly.)

Call A2N today and ask for a free vulnerability consultation and program guide.