Security Awareness Training

A Priority for Your Security Hitlist

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Security Awareness Training should be near the top of your 2017

security hit list.  Time-and-time-again, it been proven to be one of the

leading factors in reducing a key threat/risk vector – Your Staff!

Security awareness training should be simple in its focus – helping staff to learn smart computing security practices in the work place; and, to incorporate these practices into their everyday routine. training_02_sepia

Surprisingly, security awareness training is consistently marked as a top priority from IT executives and yet often falls to the bottom of the pile for budget.  It is clearly recognized as a major factor in reducing the threat associated with staff as a primary attack vector.  Whether through targeted attacks or social engineering a knowledgeable and astute employee can greatly reduce the risks associated with these types of attacks.

The good news is that security awareness training works well when it is maintained, user friendly and relevant to your staff.  We recommend augmenting your training with awareness posters and daily reminders around the office work space or prior to accessing the Internet.

Security Awareness Training has been proven to:

  • Reduce overall threats and risk to the enterprise
  • Increase an employee’s benefit to an organization
  • Encourage employee growth and self-esteem
  • Increase company and employee morale
  • Promote positive business and work ethics
  • Improve networking and the sharing of ideas
  • Provide a higher quality of education and learning

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