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“My commitment is to do whatever it takes to make it right. This is my guarantee…”
Frank Rondinone

Frank Rondinone graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of Toronto already knowing he wanted to create his own company, but it wasn’t until he accepted a network security role with a large telecom that he knew the company he wanted to establish. Setting out as a consultant who specialized in Virtual Private Networks, Frank turned his love for solving technical issues, along with his desire to offer a fulfilled work experience, into the creation of Access 2 Networks (A2N). Now recognized as one of Canada’s top network security professionals, Frank has built A2N into a dynamic and constantly evolving network security company. He provides a stimulating work environment and inspires the best in employees who are always striving to be better at what they do. Believing there is always a better way to do business Frank is a true industry entrepreneur.  Here, he answers questions and provides insight into the company that has become the realization of his dream.

Why did you start Access 2 Networks?

“My work experiences led me to believe there was a better business model, one that offered integrity and client focus plus employee satisfaction. I knew that I wanted to enjoy coming into the office while living a good work/family balance and felt I could offer this experience to my staff  I believed a workplace offering this environment could then offer exceptional service.”

What would you say is your primary goal for Access 2 Networks?

“I would say that I want A2N to be a company that is well respected in the industry and one where staff truly enjoy coming into the office. My focus has always been on creating an environment that promotes pride in personal accomplishment and from there I want us all to have pride in the company we’ve built. I still believe this is the foundation for being able to offer the excellence our clients expect.”

What made you choose Network Security?

“I graduated university with a major in accounting and started my career as a financial analyst with Cantel  I found finance unfulfilling so when a position came available for a computer technician I applied. That was in 1992. I really enjoyed this role, taking on extra hours and absorbing everything I could. Early in 1997 they created a new position in network security which I accepted, and I discovered a real passion for this field. That was when I decided to create Access 2 Networks.”

What do you love most about your work?

“I love sitting down with people, learning what truly impacts on their business from a technical perspective and creating the best solutions for them. The ability to architect a solution from the wide variety of options available is always compelling. I love that A2N has grown to offer a full range of products and services that allow for the innovation to tailor each solution to meet targeted needs.”

What is your belief for customer service?

“If my client is happy, I’m happy. We provide a great service at a fair price. I believe we should always do what is in the best interests of the client and the client will come to trust us, knowing we are working for them. I measure success in terms of repeat business based on fair dealing and good work and am pleased to say that Access 2 Networks is very successful.”

Why should someone use A2N?

“We have developed an outstanding team of professionals who all enjoy working here. This shows in the quality of the work and of the services we provide. Anyone can sell a box, it is the level of attention we devote to the solution and the detail we put into the implementation that sets us apart.”

What should a customer expect from you as the company leader?

“My commitment is to do whatever it takes to make it right. This is my guarantee. At A2N we will complete the work to the customer’s satisfaction, if they are not happy we will make them happy. I am readily available to speak directly with a client and ensure this guarantee is honoured.”