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Corero Network Security is dedicated to improving the security of the Internet through the deployment of its innovative First CoreroLogoTaglineFLoDLine of Defense® solutions. Corero provides our customers with protection against a continuously evolving spectrum of DDoS attacks and cyber threats that have the potential to impact any Internet connected business. Corero provides the opportunity to enhance defense-in-depth security architectures with an important additional layer of security capable of inspecting traffic arriving from the Internet in real time, and applying access policies designed to match the needs of the business.

The goal of the Corero First Line of Defense security layer is to protect the customer’s network infrastructure, online services and confidential data from suspicious or malicious Internet traffic. Corero solutions are designed to be always on –  providing Corero First Line of Defense Key Steps of DDoS Protection automatic attack mitigation with continuous threat visibility and network forensics.


  • DDoS
  • Intrusion Prevention