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A2N’s Cyber Threat Analysis combines the simplicity of our new ThreatScan platform with a detailed IT Security Gap Analysis from a security consultant.

Our Threat Analysis Solution is focused on a simple paradigm that allows you to react with detailed insights.Observe_Record_Report_2

ThreatScan uses a non-invasive threat analytics platform that provides detailed insights, through deep-packet inspection, of your internal network traffic.  ThreatScan is easy to deploy and never interferes with your production systems; and yet, by the end of the scanning process we will have a clear and concise understanding of your normalized traffic patterns and malicious threats residing within your networks.

A2N’s Gap Analysis is our hands-on method of diving into your IT security and network architecture.  Through white boarding Home_Image4sessions and face-to-face consultations with your team we can quickly ascertain if your security posture meets your business objectives, or, if you are vulnerable by design.  We make simple and straight-forward recommendations for gap mitigation which make sense for your business.

The combination of these two cyber threat analysis strategies provides you with an unmatched method of quickly identifying the malicious traffic threats and architectural gaps that exist within your IT environment today.