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In a rapidly evolving landscape of technologies and new threats, your search for protection against data breaches, service disruptions and network vulnerabilities is a forever task. Our end-to-end consulting service assesses your current security state and assists in the remediation of your networks.


Advanced Routing Architecture & Design

Today’s businesses demand network architectures that are resilient and stable. As a result, you need to design your routing protocols to make full use of your WAN and VPN links.

A2N can easily architect advanced routing solutions using BGP, OSPF and RIPv2 protocols to ensure your data and voice traffic is always flowing.

BYOD and MDM (Mobile Device Management)

The significant benefits derived by allowing employees to use their own cellular and handheld devices are rapidly making BYOD a primary objective of executives around the globe. The inherent challenges and risks of this practice require BYOD and MDM solutions that secure and manage corporate data on those devices.

A2N has evolved into Canada’s leading solution provider in the integration of wired and wireless networks for guest access solutions, BYOD & MDM and Network Access control (NAC). Allow us to help you understand the challenges you face and offer the solutions that will solve your BYOD issues.

SNMP and Flows

Networking professionals rely heavily on monitoring and alerts to keep them up-to-date and aware when servers, appliances and networks are down, yet SNMP and network flows are often the most underutilized tools in IT.

Let A2N assist your IT Department in designing and implementing a monitoring solution that compliments your existing framework and tools. The result? Faster responses and deeper reporting with more detailed information that can lead to better decisions.

Security Policy Development

Your security policy should be the primary foundation for all major IT decisions. Whether implementing a password policy, selecting a CRM, a database or a firewall, that security policy determines your direction.

Don’t wait until after you have purchased an inappropriate product or had a security breech – contact A2N now and let us help you prepare for the future through the creation of a security policy that meets your business and security objectives.

Web Application Security Consulting

Even though security should be a top priority, many web developers have a limited understanding of how to properly secure the web application they are building.

At A2N we understand how hackers think! We can approach your code as a hacker would, determine all weaknesses within, and recommend remediation tactics. Then we will test to ensure full mitigation of risk.

Wireless Architecture & Design

Wireless is no longer just for the boardroom. As the speed, security and resiliency of wireless are increasing, so is the adoption rate from IT Departments and corporate executives alike. Wireless communications is one of the fastest growth areas in IT today. In fact, wireless is becoming so good that many businesses are moving away from running cable and conduit through a building and are using high-speed wireless to the endpoint.

To make this happen you need to start with the right partner. A2N has been recognized as Canada’s leading wireless solution provider by Aruba Networks and other prominent partners. With so many wireless devices coming into your network today you can’t afford not to capitalize on a new wireless strategy. We will design the perfect wireless architecture for your business by completely understanding your business needs and your wireless expectations. Call A2N today and get started.

Encryption Key Management

Businesses that require very high security (due to industry, pre-identified or established threats, security objectives, compliancy requirements, government mandates) are seeking better means to “secure the keys to the kingdom”.

Today’s businesses are asking;

  • How can I ensure my keys are protected throughout the key life-cycle?
  • Can hardware security modules help my company meet compliance mandates?
  • Should I consider an HSM (Hardware Security Module) if I need to accelerate my cryptographic operations?
  • How can HSMs help secure my assets in the Cloud?

Hardware Security Modules provide reliable protection for transactions, identities, and applications by securing cryptographic keys and provisioning encryption, decryption, authentication, and digital signing services.

A2N can assist your company with selecting the right HSM for your encryption key management, keeping you on budget – and on track.

Secure Authentication

Multi-Factor Authentication (interchangeable with two-factor authentication) is a combination of authentication elements which include:

  1. Something you know (a PIN)
  2. Something you have (a Token)
  3. Something you are (a biometric signature, like a finger print)

A2N partners with the world’s best manufacturers, delivering strong and multi-factor authentication solutions throughout the enterprise.

A2N can easily help you identify the best solution for your business based on your industry, threat rating, compliancy objectives and budget.

Secure IT Enterprise Architecture & Design

Over time, an evolving network environment can get out of control. Perhaps you’ve inherited an IT environment built over many years of business growth; and now you need to establish a baseline. Having a clear understanding of your network and security architecture is a key part of IT project planning. After all, it’s difficult to make proper decisions without the right information at your fingertips.

A2N’s certified security professionals can fully assess your company’s current environment and deliver a concise “state of the nation” report. Drawing on years of experience and an in-depth understanding of the global security landscape we will identify your strengths and weaknesses, and provide “real world” recommendations on how to remediate the gaps and properly leverage your existing infrastructure to save money.

Cloud Security Strategy

“Cloud” networking has been around for many years but only now are we experiencing an increased recognition of the power (and the risks) the Cloud can offer business. What are your inhibitors to adoption: Security, Multi-Tenancy, Vendor Lock-In, Compliancy, Reliability, Complexity, Privacy, Pricing, or other concerns?

A2N provides a variety of Cloud based services so we clearly understand the benefits and the potential risks to business. Our consultants can help make sense of the “Cloud” by stripping away the confusion and helping you identify if Cloud services are right for you.

Virtualization Security

Virtualized environments are the fastest changing segment within IT departments today – and why not? By reducing hardware and administration, reducing heating, power consumption and cooling requirements, reducing your switch fabric and simplifying backup and restore strategies these environments can offer you significant cost reduction.

Unfortunately, the drive to a virtual utopia has created a security hole within many of these virtualized environments that few have actively sought to fill. With so many eggs in one basket, it makes sense to ensure that there are security checks and balances within the system itself.  A2N can clearly guide your virtualization strategy by asking the right questions and designing an armored passage for your information.


Architecture Assessments

Is it time to refocus?

A2N offers three types of architecture assessments to help bring your environment back into focus:

  1. Network: A2N will assess your network equipment, versioning, patching & upgrade policy, routing protocols (like multicast, OSPF and RIP), 5 – 7 year future proofing analysis, resource and administration capability, data and voice strategy, Quality of Service, business critical requirements, traffic redundancy, traffic congestion and cleaning, port density and PoE (Power Over Ethernet) requirements.
  2. Security: A2N will assess the security capability surrounding your Internet, Core, WAN, Business Critical and Virtual Systems, Remote Connectivity and Endpoints. We will identify weaknesses and strengths within the infrastructure and provide a detailed report.
  3. Wireless: Wireless networking is fast becoming the primary method of data communication so it just makes sense to ensure it is properly architected and secure. Whether you have an active wireless topology, are looking to upgrade, or wish to deploy wireless for the first time, A2N will provide expert level site survey and consulting to help you make the right decisions.

Vulnerability Assessment (VA)

News reports of security breaches have become a common occurrence and the challenge to businesses is to ensure their vulnerabilities are limited to exposure. Through regular external and internal assessments an organization can fully understand the risks they face and take action to prevent and remediate threats on their terms.

A2N’s strategy to identify, educate and remediate consistently yields positive results for customers who need to make sound decisions to protect their valued business assets.

Penetration Testing

Penetration testing, when done correctly, is considered an art by many and requires years of experience along with well-honed skills. The assessor’s job is to identify vulnerabilities in a device, network or application and then attempt to exploit those vulnerabilities to attain the test goal. Testing can be conducted either Black-Box (blind) or White-Box (informed) and, depending on the scope of the engagement, there are advantages to both. Each customer’s IT environment and compliancy objectives are different.  As such, our A2N experts will help you determine if a penetration test is right for you.

Our customized reports are second to none in the industry – through the use of videos, screen shots and detailed remediation recommendations we deliver comprehensive and methodical reports which are easy to follow for both the executive and the technical resource.

Social Engineering

In cyber warfare, criminals are highly motivated to steal your valuable electronic business data.  Today’s focused attacks (often called APT’s or Adv. Persistent Threats) can result in your staff unwittingly providing direct access into your business network by not paying attention to their actions in cyberspace.

A2N’s Social Engineering service is an assessment process that allows your business to test for human weaknesses in both physical and electronic security. We can assess the security and confidentiality of your authentication systems; access your physical data systems and your wired/wireless networks.

We have a variety of innovative and challenging methods which force your staff to think outside the box, make them more aware of their surroundings and the consequences of their actions, and educate them to help secure your future business.

Threat Risk Assessment (TRA)

An IT Threat Risk Assessment (or TRA) is a qualitative review of how vulnerable an organization is against legitimate threats that may exist within their situation. Based on our findings we can attribute a Risk Score which provides decisions makers the information needed to either accept or remediate a particular situation.

PCI DSS Requirement 12.1.2 is a formal process used by organizations to identify threats and vulnerabilities that could negatively impact the security of cardholder data. Clients who need to meet PCI DSS Requirements can contact A2N to get more information on how we can help.

Web Application Assessment

Web sites and applications are fast becoming the primary attack vector for hackers to gain access to your business data. This trend is not slowing down for the simple reason that weaknesses continue to exist within the code. Now, more than ever, it is increasingly important to have your web sites assessed for vulnerabilities and tested for penetration points.

Our highly certified security experts will thoroughly test your web applications using a proven methodology, which incorporates the OWASP model, and provides a comprehensive custom report with detailed recommendations.

Wireless Security Assessment

Wireless can be extremely secure or exceptionally weak. The technology is often misunderstood and it is changing at a merciless rate; so it is critical to maintain vigilance by continuously assessing the wireless environment surrounding your business. We recommend checking for rogue access points attached to your wired network, unsecured neighboring access points used to by-pass your security, assessing your back-end authentication and encryption strategy, and ensuring your wireless solution restricts the monitoring of wireless handshaking.

We can also perform a site survey and spectrum analysis’s to ensure your wireless is performing at peak efficiency for your organization.

Wireless Site Survey

Always perform a wireless site survey before purchasing your wireless solution. A survey can be done relatively quickly, depending on the size of your site, and it will always reduce the time, money and risk involved in deploying a wireless infrastructure.

If you already have a wireless solution deployed but are not satisfied with the performance, we can help. Our experts will assess the number, positioning and configuration of your access points and determine if changes should be made.

VoIP Assessment

There was no great concern in the early days about VoIP security issues related to its use. Cost, functionality and reliability were the principle concerns for most people working with it. Today, VoIP has gained greater commercial acceptance, quickly developing into one of the primary communication technologies, and security has become a major issue

A2N will review the threats that businesses faces, such as:

  • Identify and Service Theft (or Phreaking) – Which steals services and passes the costs onto another.
  • Eavesdropping – Obtaining names, passwords and phone numbers to steal services.
  • Vishing (VoIP Phishing) – Faking a trustworthy organization to steal information.
  • Virus/Malware – Attacking softphones and VoIP servers to steal data by running malicious code.
  • DoS Attacks – The consuming network bandwidth or overloading a devices system resources.

IT Security Assessment/Audit

Most organization do not need to meet IT security process, risk and governance frameworks (such as ITIL, COBIT or ISO27001), but they still want to do their best to meet industry accepted best practices.  Our security experts can conduct an in-depth IT security audit/assessment against industry accepted best practices and help you identify how to maintain or improve your overall security posture.


Our goal – keep the process of acquiring security solutions simple and cost effective.

We recognize that IT Security can be complex and costly – so – simplifying the purchasing process to help you leverage your investment is one of our key objectives.

We make it easy!

A2N’s expert staff will help you design a solution that is perfect for the unique needs of your business. We draw on our years of experience to help you plan, purchase, deploy, install, support and maintain IT RIGHT!

  1. Expert network and security design
  2. Partnering with the world’s best IT security manufacturers
  3. Trusted sales and procurement
  4. Experienced project management
  5. Detailed implementation planning
  6. Large scale deployments
  7. Rapid testing and troubleshooting
  8. Helpful 7×24 telephone and on-site support
  9. Full Managed Service offerings


A2N’s Cyber Threat Analysis combines the simplicity of our new ThreatScan platform with a detailed IT Security Gap Analysis from a security consultant.

Our Threat Analysis Solution is focused on a simple paradigm that allows you to react with detailed insights.Observe_Record_Report_2

ThreatScan uses a non-invasive threat analytics platform that provides detailed insights, through deep-packet inspection, of your internal network traffic.  ThreatScan is easy to deploy and never interferes with your production systems; and yet, by the end of the scanning process we will have a clear and concise understanding of your normalized traffic patterns and malicious threats residing within your networks.

A2N’s Gap Analysis is our hands-on method of diving into your IT security and network architecture.  Through white boarding Home_Image4sessions and face-to-face consultations with your team we can quickly ascertain if your security posture meets your business objectives, or, if you are vulnerable by design.  We make simple and straight-forward recommendations for gap mitigation which make sense for your business.

The combination of these two cyber threat analysis strategies provides you with an unmatched method of quickly identifying the malicious traffic threats and architectural gaps that exist within your IT environment today.




siteSECURE is not like other trustmark programs.

We don’t sell SSL certificates and claim sites are secure.

We conduct vulnerability and penetration testing against web sites and web applications.

We prove that each site is 100% free of vulnerabilities and continually assessed to ensure it stays that way.

The A2N SECURE service is a paid service for website owners that examines their websites for potential vulnerabilities on a daily basis, and, if no issues are found, enables the site to display the A2N siteSECURE trustmark. The A2N web site contains additional specific terms governing the A2N siteSECURE service at this link.


siteSECURE Certification Program

Companies wishing to display the siteSECURE certification within their business must meet the following requirements:

  1. A full penetration test conducted every 6 months by A2N
  2. A mandatory retesting for every major code revision or platform change conducted by A2N
  3. Proof that 100% of vulnerabilities have been mitigated
  4. Bi-Annual Fees

siteSECURE Trustmark Program

Companies wishing to display the siteSECURE trustmark within their business and on their website must meet the following requirements:

  1. A full penetration test conducted every 6 months by A2N
  2. A mandatory retesting for every major code revision or platform change conducted by A2N
  3. Weekly vulnerability assessing conducted by A2N
  4. Proof that 100% of vulnerabilities have been mitigated
  5. Bi-Annual Fees



Please refer to the complete list of terms and services for more details surrounding the service.